Transparent Servicing Costs

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Take the guesswork out of service pricing and use the guide below to view our current service details and expected cost.             

Where maintenance is determined by both distance and period, maintenance is due whichever occurs first.

The Service Price may be amended from time to time to reflect changes such as the cost of labour, parts, lubricants and other materials. There may also be variances from dealership to dealership so please check with your local Renault Dealer. You will however not pay more for a Service performed by your Renault Dealer than the Price advertised for that Service on at the time your Service booking is confirmed.

This Service Schedule and Service Pricing is based on the normal use of your Renault vehicle (as set out in the Owner's Handbook). At times, extra maintenance and repairs may be required if the vehicle is used under certain circumstances. The extra maintenance and repairs will not be covered by the Service Price. Please discuss how you use your vehicle with your Renault Dealer to establish if extra maintenance is required that is outside of this Service Schedule and Service Pricing.

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